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hi! welcome to my site.
you can go to the other main pages via the sidebar on the left.
note that this site is NOT optimized for phones in any way, shape, or form. i might get to that eventually. maybe.
i am currently in the middle of overhauling this site to be more accessible for screenreaders, and overall cleaner, taking large influence from practical typography. expect relatively-frequent CSS and HTML changes everywhere.
links here are not underlined and the text is not colored. instead, they have a upright arrow ↗ if they're outbound, and a downright arrow ↘ if they're inbound. this helps because, otherwise, the underlined and colored links would draw the eye with their emphasis and break the flow of the text.
additionally, tooltips will look like thisbyahoo, and clicking them will pull up a box that is on top of the other text.
also follow me on my profile because i update this site Somewhat Often and a dedicated updates page is On The Backburner.

Creative Commons License all contents of my site not licensed by other people are under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

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