about me

toki! im numbers. i'm a trans girl lizard and queer, my preferred pronouns are ve/vyr/vyrs (/vi/ /viɹ/ /viɹs/) with she/they as auxillary, and i am 16. i am white, and i live in ohio. thats about all of the information about me that is available online, aside from my voice which you may hear in voice chats in discord or voice snippets on this site. any other info is either stuff i dont know is on the internet, really old stuff, or stuff my parents/school put on the internet
my interests include but are not limited to: math, geometry, linguistics, idiolects, and music with an emphasis on microtonality.

i can be found on:
· email @jannanpamute@protonmail.com
· email 2 @numbers31415926@gmail.com
· discord @numbers#1534
· mastodon @https://is.nota.live/@numbers (i'm not too active here just contact me by email or discord)

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