Site redesign, starting a blog

Hi! I haven't updated this site in a while, have I? Maybe I should change that. So here's a blog, and the start of another big redesign. While it's not terrible, the design right now has some problems. It has garbage mobile support, the HTML is messy, the line length varies and is too long on desktops, Unifont is a sans-serif (and its charset is far too big for its use here), and it's just generally amateur. I can do better, so I'm changing it. This is also going to include deleting old pages I dont care about, sorry to anyone who cares about that. And I'll have to disable the image background too, which I'll miss.

The first changes I'll be making are switching to either Adobe Source or IBM Plex (I'll try IBM Plex first but I don't like Plex Serif's spotty character support), changing the body text to better match the considerations of Matthew Butterick's Practical Typography, essential design things like that. I'll then focus on more long-term changes like figuring out the background again and other less-important design things, figuring out JavaScript for notes and reactive design, etc. Hopefully, I won't abandon it like the last big redesign.

This is also going to be the start of a blog. I've tried a bunch to get into microblog-type social media like Mastodon and Cohost, and I've bounced off of them every time for whatever reason. So, I'm just going to toss them entirely and try this instead. I'll probably use this for a combination of site updates and also what I find cool at the moment.