the spambot of all time

the best spambot i've ever seen is this one
i originally found it in the wild here and the sheer amount of content here is completely ridiculous. a word counter on the internet gives a word count of 27956. for context, the bee movie script has 9478 words.
this thing is nearly three bee movie scripts.

there are no words to fully describe this. this thing boggles the mind. what possible reason is there for a spambot to create such an enormous block of text? it's not like anyone is going to seriously read all of this; most of it seems to be rehashing the same lines over and over. i think.
but there's more to this. it seems like this thing that defies all logic is a template. yes! this is repeated elsewhere in its entirety, with just a few changes. this one refers to instagram account recovery. this one refers to theoretically tracking someone thru their phone number. this one refers to unblurring answers at Chegg, whatever that is. this is a Got Damn cryptid. the search excerpt to look for is this one, an excerpt about Instagram seemingly from an earlier version of the wikipedia article.