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untitled conlang

this is a page for a conlang im making for a worldbuilding project i have in the works.
this conlang is very WIP. i pretty much only have the orthography and various styles of the orthography, and a very basic idea of how i want the phonology to be, as well as various smatterings of morphology, phonotactics, etc. check back often.

orthography/writing system
the writing system is the first thing i started with, because i've wanted to make a writing system for a while now. there are multiple different styles, each for a specific context or need.

either way, the basic, print text is written left-to-right. there is an introductory loop, a string of consonants, and an end glyph. descender diacritics are inserted behind each consonant to represent vowels. under the word is a colored line representing its tense/aspect, if a verb, or case, if a noun. the word itself is colored to represent the modality of the phrase. letters are almost always connected with a usually-dipping ligature, which the vowel diacritic intersects or aligns with. these elements are manipulated in many ways, and different groups will have different dialects of writing, for example eliding the introductory loop, circling instead of underlining the word, moving the diacritics to the colorline, among many others. some even write top-to-bottom, zigzagging the connecting ligatures to maintain a vertical word. the sky's the limit when the rules are vague. explanation of the basic elements coming soon.

as an aside, a lot of the influence for the variability of the script comes from this article about the conlang Idrani and its many orthographies, where i had an epiphany that "hey! i don't need to have a single strict style for my script! i just need a few concrete rules and then i can derive a ton of variation by exploring the gaps left between them!". you should definitely give the article a read cuz it blew my mind. another thing that helped me was this article about how someone developed an alphabet for their game. while not actually for a conlang, it definitely taught me how to sketch out what this language looked like.


now this is where things started getting difficult. before i can do anything else i have to figure out the sounds, so i can build up from that with phonotactics, morphology, etc. buuut i made the mistake newbiewise of making this language for parrotlike sounds. and so i have to do the research necessary for figuring out how a language spoken by parrot-like people would sound like, and so i have to figure out how the hell a parrot articulates calls in the wild! i've only found a few articles on this and none of them tackle consonants, which is fair because most of the sounds parrots make are vowel-like squawks and yaps. so im kinda stuck for the time being. i am going to be taking some influence from Formor's C’ą̂ą́r, but that's for crows, and parrots probably have different oral anatomy. although, i am opting for a generalist beak (which crows have), so it may be closer than one would think, but i'm reluctant to copy this phonology wholesale because doing so would be a little plagaristic. either way, i have a good amount of work ahead of me.