your world of text

your world of text, AKA ywot, is a cool little site on the internet that allows users to edit an infinite grid of text in any way they want. i think it's pretty cool and here's a page about it.

probably the first constant thing anyone notices on ywot is the center of spawn, which just links to various resources and welcomes the viewer. the second thing is the roads projecting up and down from spawn. these are called north/south roads, or just roads, and they go to at least +/-1000 y. at these y-coords are sky city and deep city respectively. i've been to deep city recently but not sky city, and the general vibe there is a bunch of ascii art and "i was here" type stuffs.

another notable landmark is (for lack of a community name that i could find) the honeycombs at around 20x 4y and at -15x -10y, which i will call the northeast and southwest combs respectively. the southwest combs extend to -100x -100y. i am unsure exactly of the extent of the northeast combs, but they are smaller and less accurate than the southwest combs

the Chimkin diagonal is like the cardinal roads, but probably less traveled because it doesn't extend close to spawn and is also on the diagonal. it's notable because it is the only proper noun'd cardinal/diagonal. i've seen multiple people mention finding it from the n*100x n*100y roads, so that might be a significant source of travelers. it currently is made of slashes, but previous travelers mention dots so it potentially could've changed.