heres a directory of links that i think are cool

anything that can be considered art, literature, music, etc etc etc

My Piperka Profile
this is Piperka, a webcomic subscription site. among other fun stuff it allows you to look at what webcomics other people follow. i have hijacked this feature for my own use so i dont have to spam links to countless webcomics, and also i get to shill/reccomend Piperka

Terminal 00
this is a large (like >100 pages) media website which can most accurately be described as hypertext fiction. its got some real fun art and has a cool vibe. also every page has autoplaying music

basically nonfiction

Atomic Rockets
Atomic Rockets is the most in-depth hard sci-fi resource i've seen. from how every ship needs radiators to what language would look like, there's something to read for everyone. sadly, the author Winchell Chung has cancer that's metastasized, and so the prognosis isn't good. thankfully he'll be passing the torch to someone else, but it still sucks ass.

Erowid is a site about drugs, and goes into a lot of detail about those drugs. not only that, it works with experts to give the most accurate information possible. this sounds like an ad.

No Nonsense Self Defense
this is a pretty good-looking resource for getting out of dangerous situations (or not getting into them at all) by someone who has experience with dangerous situations.

internet toys, explorables, and basically anything you can click on and make a noise or graphic happen go under here. excluding games

Pink Trombone
did you ever want to have a slightly-janky, half-functional throat noise simulator? here it is. right-click to get a permanent click; with some work you can make the titular pink trombone sound like a shitty radio and look like this. (fun fact. i looked at Volume Mixer while it was continuing to play while i had already closed the tab however long ago and it looked like this. i love using Windows 10 by Microsoft Corporation)

IPA pulmonic consonant, non-pulmonic consonant and vowel charts with audio
these are a pretty good resource to look up which IPA symbol means what; you can click play under any of the symbols' and it will talk at you! its like a speak & spell for the international phonetic alphabet. i might make a version of these sometime just for voice consistency's sake and because im a nerd.

you communicate with other people on these

the orb AKA
this is a really good queer-quorum'd shitposting forum. it also has strong connections to a streaming group/cooperative (can it be called that? i bet it can be called that) called CableTwo. you get access to the discord after 300 posts. it's 18+ as of june 10th 2021 which logically means i can't participate for roughly one and a half years.

eagle time
this is/was a forum for forum games and adventures and it's also got a good queer quorum. sadly it's pretty dead: there's currently only a few regularly-updated threads. maybe some life can be breathed back into it? idunno

[strikethru]news[/strikethru] sites/softwares you can use

good looking feedreader that also reads twitter, youtube, instagram, soundcloud, reddit, twitch, whatever pinboard is and whatever tiddlywiki is. litol bit janky and cant notify you, however

nitter is a twitter frontend i use for when i dont want to use twitter (24/7). it's much better than browsing the main site, but shirigami eyes (or however it's spelled) doesnt work on it. rip


this is a really fun multiplayer arcade game that has a really robust mapmaking system (you can do synthetic geometry in it)

other things
i asked the cabletwo chat to give me a link to put on my site and i got this so i put it on my site

numbers' site
hey, that's me!

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